Why is it so easy for other freelancers to get remote clients?

You know that sinking feeling you get before you reach out to a new client? You need the work, but you still put it off to the last minute.

So you finally summon your courage and pick up the phone. This probably isn't the first time you got this far.

This time, you follow through. You dial the number and wait for them to pick up.

When you sell to clients on the phone, things always seem to go wrong

The call started off great... at least it felt like it was going well. You were nervous at first but you became mor relaxed after a few minutes.

You followed all the best practices: you were friendly and confident, you smoothly steered the conversation to their project, and you were asking good questions about the project. You did a good job of explaining how you were able to solve the problem.

It sounded like the perfect project. You knew you could handle it.

After the call, you sent off the formal proposal and waited for a decision. This one was in the bag.

Only they didn't want to hire you.

You felt good about this one. Everything seemed to go so well on the call... what happened?

Why didn't they hire you?

Did they go with someone overseas? You can't compete with their prices.

It doesn't matter. Add another failure to the list. Another lost opportunity.

Another client that doesn't understand how you are valuable.

Clients won't trust you with thousands of their hard-earned dollars if they don't understand your value

What happens when a client doesn't trust you with their money? No Sale.

It is crucial to build your client's trust and convey your value to them.

If you can't convey your value, then you are just playing a numbers game. You can't afford to send proposals to everyone, hoping one out of a hundred will respond. You can't bill for all those extra hours spent on sales.

You know there must be a way to make this work since so many other freelancers do it, but it just isn't working for you.

What if clients valued you so much they didn't want to work with anyone else?

Imagine how you'd feel at the end of a call if your client knew you were special. They knew that you completely understood them and their problems and you were the right person to solve them.

The rest of the sales process would be a formality, because they wouldn't want to work with anyone else. The sale has already been made.

What if you didn't dread talking to new clients and looked forward to it instead?

Without the need to change who you are or learn some awkward "sales system".

You can learn to not only establish your value, but feel comfortable doing it.

There's a reason you struggle to make a good impression on the phone

Psychologist Albert Mehrabian observed that the elements of making an impression face-to-face are:

  • The words we say
  • Our tone of voice
  • Our body language

Our body language accounts for more than half of our overall first impression.

That's why it is so difficult to make a good first impression when you aren't meeting in person. You can't use body language!

And that's not all.

You have been practicing your entire life to earn trust from others... in person. You started learning with your family, then childhood friends, schoolteachers, all the way up to interactions with people you meet every day.

Having so much practice gives you confidence. You can use instant feedback from your clients. You establish trust almost effortlessly.

Once you are on the phone, and all that is thrown away. Salespeople understand this and know how to work around it.

But you didn't get into freelancing to become a salesperson.

The sales process is an obstacle you have to go through in order to get to your actual goal of working with new clients.

You don't want to become a master salesperson or learn a new "system".

You just want to be yourself and win enough sales to grow your business.

You need a strategy to get past these roadblocks and win more sales

The best way to get better at landing new clients is through repeated practice. You will naturally get better and more comfortable as your skill increases.

But you don't need to wait months or years to attempt enough sales to gain the right skills.

You can learn a simple strategy to make a big difference in your freelancing business in less than a week.

This strategy doesn't require big changes to how you do business. You can still be yourself and run your business how you want.

You'll simply have a better sales process.

In this FREE 6-lesson email course, you will learn that strategy for improving your sales process. You will learn to:

  • Pre-qualify new clients to make sure they are a good fit for you.
  • Prepare for sales calls so you know what to say ahead of time.
  • Understand how to be trustworthy to your clients.
  • Demonstrate your value by digging down to the root of the problem.
  • Reduce risk in the project to make "Yes" easier for your client.
  • Recover from stumbling or being stumped by a client—without losing your confidence.

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